April 10, 2016 timchandler

JP Australia Wave Slate Session

Woke up to check the surf and was disappointed to see heavy NE winds predicted early – but what do you do when the photographer is on deck? She so rarely offers, I hated to miss the chance for a few good shots. We rolled South to the beach with coffee in hand deciding to make the best of whatever we found. After all, if the wind dies for 30 min you get your wave count in alone… we all know how this works [wink].

The JP Australia Wave Slate is an incredible stand up paddle surf utensil for Southern California wave shape and ever-shifting sand bars.

When we arrived the wind was HOWLING side shore. I rode the 7’2×28 Slate for many months in 2015 – but recently switched to the 7’6 for the slight increase in volume/area that yields a more stable experience in choppy conditions. Though nearly identical, their characteristics are different and I needed the stability of the 7’6 for days like today.

Luckily after about a half hour the wind did it’s thing and backed off to near nuthin’. I was able to grab a few waves before it turned back on, worse than ever. We left after only about an hour of surf, feeling lucky, and stayed positive as folks coming down the cliff asked if it was doable. We wished them ‘good luck’ – happy to have scored that magic half hour by ourselves on a windy Spring morning.

Any questions about the JP Slate just holler – I know it pretty well. Specs below.

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JP Australia Surf Slate Board Specs - SUP to You Boardshop