Prepare for Your Over Night SUP Camping Trip

What to Bring to
SUP Camping Overnights

We are outfitters - which means on paid overnight trips we handle the heavy lifting including all food, water, gear, etc. You'll be pampered! Here's what you might want to consider bringing on your own to make the trip more comfortable...

For SUP and Camp Over Nights:

Here’s some things to remember for Black Canyon, Big Sur, and other trips:

  • ‘Wet’ Clothes – Please avoid cotton clothing if possible for on-the-water use. Board shorts and rash guards or neoprene tops work great and dry quickly.  Sunblock fabrics also highly suggested.
  • ‘Dry Clothes’ – DON’T over pack.  We’re out for one night.  Bring a change of dry clothes for off the water activity.  Cotton is fine.
  • Warm Clothes – Think in layers.  An undershirt with a long sleeve shirt.  Stuffable down jackets or vests that are warm but pack small.  Sweat Pants.  Beanie, maybe.  It does get chilly in the evenings – so bring clothing that will keep you warm, but pack small/light.
  • Good walking sandals or old shoes.  There are light hiking/climbing opportunities.  Flip flops won’t work as well as a good pair of sneakers or shoes.  We DON’T recommend high end hiking shoes, remember, things get wet/muddy at times.
  • Always plan to get wet.  Don’t wear something you’re not prepared to get soaked.  You may fall in.  We’ll have dry bags for your ‘Dry’ clothing above, but consider this your warning ha ha!
  • Towel – bring one for the car if you like or a small one for your backpack, but on the water we won’t need to pack towels.  We’ll have a few micro-fiber towels with us for any unplanned swimming assistance.  Ultimately, you shouldn’t need to bring extra towels.
  • Polarized Sunglasses – The people who wear them won’t stop telling you what you’re missing if you don’t wear them!
  • Sunglasses strap with float!  Sunglasses tend to come off over your head if you go in to the water feet first!  Be warned!
  • Reusable water bottle.  No soda required, just good old water.  You’ll need to hydrate, so go for water, or Gatorade or something that hydrates.  We’ll have water for the group, and water filters in our packs for refilling your bottle.
  • A hat or visor.  Make sure it’s snug fitting or has a strap.  It gets windy on the water.
  • Light snacks/lunchy-stuff – something portable, and light.  Dried fruits, nuts, energy bars, and trail food for your backpack work really well on the wtaer.  Don’t bring foods that spoil in heat!
  • Waterproof Sunblock and UV lip balm
  • Waterproof camera with strap.
  • Prescriptions or other medical necessities.
Backpack Note: Bring one!  But don’t worry too much about size other than to think ‘small’.  You’ll have a 35L dry bag to go with it (we supply).   You’ll mainly need your backpack for personal sundries, snacks, camera, etc.   Keep it light, as you’ll likely wear your backpack while you paddle.
WHAT NOT TO BRING (what we provide):
  • Your own tent (or sleeping bag.  We have backpacking tents and sleeping bags for you, and they’re pre-packed and ready.   We are not a large tour company – and we meticulously clean all our bags and liners after each trip.  If you feel you must bring something to sleep in – you can bring your own sleeping bag, but honestly, that’s all you should bring for your overnight ‘gear’.
  • Don’t bring the big meals unless you’ve been asked to do so.  Bring snacks as above.  Remember, we’re not gone for very long.

“Bring only what you need to Survive!”

I’ve been told I say it too much – pack light! If there’s something you’re considering bringing and want some advice – just reach out and we’re happy to chat about what you’ll need. (Thanks to our former guest, Kayla, for the video reference and laughs on a great trip in the canyons. You are a space ball.)

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